ATLANTA, Feb. 28, 2017 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Cummins, the largest independent maker of diesel engines and related products in the world has announced the selection of two energy efficiency and sustainability solutions from Atlanta based RAISE Energy Solutions as finalists in the Cummins Environmental Gateway.

RAISE Energy submitted their technologies after Cummins called on innovators to come forward with sustainable innovations to help Cummins achieve their environmental targets in the UK. The Cummins Environmental Gateway, launched in partnership with Marcela Navarro, CEO of Business Cubed, received submissions from over 100 companies across the globe in their efforts to identify green and innovative suppliers to positively impact Cummins 2020 Environmental targets while promoting supplier inclusion.

RAISE Energy seeks out, vets, incubates, and certifies best-in-class technologies for reducing energy use or creating clean energy. They are technology agnostic and target solutions that have a measured impact and fast ROI that add value by reducing energy costs, carbon emissions, and long term maintenance. They then partner with the innovators or manufacturers to apply the RAISE brand to their innovations and bring them to market or significantly expand their footprint.

The project team, led by Denis Ford, Corporate Indirect Purchasing Leader EMEA, NE/SE Asia & South Pacific at Cummins, is delighted with the quality of the finalists. «We have been very impressed with the quality of the innovations received and even more with the potential for environmental impact and savings. RAISE Energy Solutions should be very proud to be a finalist in the Cummins Environmental Gateway»

«We are extremely excited to have not one, but two of our technologies selected by Cummins as finalists. To have both RECLEAN Pro and RESTORE1030 recognized by Cummins, one of the premier engineering firms in the world, is something we are very proud of.» said Carol McKown, CEO of RAISE. «These technologies create real change in our environment and significantly reduce energy costs.»

Tom VanZeeland, President and Chief Technology Officer of RAISE Energy explains, «All chiller-cooling towers systems have a problem with microscopic dirt particles retaining heat in the water. Current filtration systems cannot remove suspended solids smaller than 10 microns. RECLEAN Pro’s patented particle precipitator is proven to remove 95-99% of suspended solids down to one micron, reducing cooling tower makeup water by 20-25% and chiller system energy consumption 12-15% with an ROI of under 24 months.»

«Our second product to be selected is RESTORE1030, a patented HVAC-R treatment. According to ASHRAE, oil-fouling reduces the efficiency of all HVAC-R and chiller compressors by 20% in just 6 years. RESTORE1030 is the only 2nd generation PROA. It removes oil-fouling, then with PTFE (Teflon is one type of PTFE), permanently prevents it from returning. Think of this as similar to removing plaque from your arteries and preventing it from ever building up again. RESTORE1030 increases heat transfer by 73%, reduces runtime, and extends system life – all while saving 10-30% in energy costs with an ROI of 4-12 months..»

RAISE Energy’s technologies will be presented on March 2nd to a high caliber panel who will decide which innovations will have the opportunity to be implemented, and if successful, scaled up on Cummins sites in the UK. The panel is formed by, among others:

  • Antonio Leitao Vice President – Europe ABO: Cummins
  • Richard Keane Global Operations FE Director: Cummins
  • Mark Dhennin Director Energy & Environment: Cummins
  • Denis Ford International Sourcing Leader, EMEA, NE/SE Asia & South
    Pacific: Cummins
  • Steve Evans Professor, Director of Research and Industrial Sustainability:
    Cambridge University
  • Geoff Burnand CEO: Investing For Good

«Projects like the Cummins Environmental Gateway provide a great opportunity for our proven, energy efficiency technologies to gain awareness and recognition on a national and international scale,» added McKown.

About RAISE Energy Solutions | RAISE Energy Solutions (RAISE) is a wholly owned subsidiary of RAISE Global Services, LLC.  RAISE, based in Atlanta, Georgia, is an incubator, manufacturer, and integrator of intelligent LED lighting, innovative energy efficiency products, renewable power generation, and energy storage technologies.  RAISE takes a holistic approach to energy, focusing on energy reduction first, then integrating appropriate power generation, storage, and distribution, while always achieving maximum efficiencies with a minimum ROI. Focused on total energy solutions for corporations, communities, and countries, RAISE serves a global market and provides measurable CO2 reduction goals substantiated by certified carbon credits.  In addition, RAISE is a social impact company contributing a percentage of profits and expertise to help people that are in need enjoy the gift of energy.  For more information, please visit

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