ATLANTA, March 23, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — EPI-USE Labs, a leading provider of SAP software solutions, announced today a new partnership with IN-RGY, known for its organizational transformation advisory services and SAP HCM and SuccessFactors solutions. This partnership combines EPI-USE Labs software solutions and IN-RGY’s deep expertise in deploying and integrating HR tools, which will enable organizations to:

  • Boost Productivity
  • Accelerate Performance
  • Enhance SAP landscape
  • Maximize and extend on-premise SAP investment

Through the partnership, IN-RGY will expand the reach of EPI-USE Labs software solutions as a reseller throughout North America.

«EPI-USE Labs is thrilled to partner with IN-RGY,» says Paul Snyman, Senior Vice President of EPI-USE Labs North America. «Our long history of excellence providing SAP focused products, coupled with IN-RGY’s experience and market presence will certainly add value to those customers looking for unparalleled SAP help. Both IN-RGY and EPI-USE Labs have been praised globally for their dedication to providing quality products and exceptional customer service. We are proud to welcome IN-RGY to our EPI-USE Labs team worldwide and we look forward to this exciting partnership.»

«We are excited to announce this partnership that will enable IN-RGY to offer our SAP HCM customers the EPI-USE Labs suite of products to complement our service offering. EPI-USE Labs products provide value-added solutions aimed at creating better, faster, more powerful SAP systems to save time and money. We value this partnership which will benefit IN-RGY’s customers in the end,» says Thierry Bodson, CEO of IN-RGY.

About EPI-USE Labs
EPI-USE Labs is a global software solutions company whose products and services enable organizations to accelerate the performance of their SAP and SAP SuccessFactors systems. Their solutions are largely automated and strengthened by dedicated consulting and services support teams across the globe. Its advancements empower customers to make faster, more accurate business decisions for their on-premise, hybrid or cloud solutions while saving time, money and other resources. Their suite of solutions can significantly boost productivity in the areas of client and data copying, data security, real time reporting, cloud solutions, and much more.

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About IN-RGY
IN-RGY is a consulting firm specialized in integrated human resource management, labour planning and payroll calculation systems. Above all, IN-RGY is a top integrator and configurator of SAP HCM solutions, i.e., SAP ERP (HR) and SAP SuccessFactors. It offers comprehensive solutions to clients throughout Canada and the United States (Atlanta) from its offices located in Quebec (Montreal) and Ontario (Ottawa and Toronto). In business since 2008, the founders of IN-RGY have built a strong organization founded on a well-honed and balanced team mostly made up of professionals with over 15 years of experience in information systems for human resource management.

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