ATLANTA, Feb. 23, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — In Atlanta, it seems everyone has a chance to express their personalities. Music, art, fashion, and culture intertwine to create an expressive and dynamic community unlike any other. The businesses that succeed here often reflect this energy and contribute to it.

With their newest salon in Dunwoody, Hair Fairies seeks to carry on that tradition with a unique, fresh approach to head lice treatment. The Atlanta salon is the newest of 13 nationwide locations, each of them well-situated in the communities they serve. Their «one salon, one city» philosophy ensures a local feel, but don’t let their small-time charm fool you – this is a sophisticated operation. The lobby is clean and bright, and the staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and uniquely prepared to serve families in need. 

Lice and their treatment methods have taken many forms over the years, developing into so-called «superbugs» that are resistant to most chemical treatments. In response, many chemical companies have had to increase the severity of their formulas. At the same time, parents have become more aware of the dangers of harsh chemicals applied directly to the scalp and frequently seek alternative solutions, often to no avail.

Enter Hair Fairies. Hair Fairies has answered the call since 1999, developing small batches of their secret sauce for the most effective, non-toxic treatment available on the market. By being a treatment facility, they have the advantage of being able to collect and test specimens on-site, allowing them to create a potent recipe for combating the new superbugs. Combined with a manual nit-removal methodology that takes months for their technicians to learn, Hair Fairies is truly committed to every visitor’s satisfaction.

Hair Fairies offers free screenings and guaranteed treatment results in a kid-friendly environment. If head lice strike your family, don’t mess around with expensive dry cleaning bills and days of cleanup; let Hair Fairies do the work for you, help you bill your insurance, and eliminate those pesky nits.


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