Hundreds of Tiktokers Join QEB FOUNDATION #cafe_now to Build CAFE CITY!

ATLANTA, May 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- In 2 years, the projected value of every dollar invested is $86 at minimum from FABRIQ LLC, a new subsidiary of QEB FOUNDATION. That's good money for people who have been left in shambles after Covid-19. The pandemic was responsible for unprecedented unemployment, evictions, and most recently food shortages. QEB FOUNDATION believes a return to agricultural living was the best solution. Thus, the CAFE CITY initiative was born!

An exclusive resort on a farm, QEB FOUNDATION is rallying the public to acquire over 1000 acres in Georgia. QEB FOUNDATION supporters donate a minimum of $100 to be gifted a "key to the city," one share in the development company FABRIQ LLC, and/or an acre of land.

No one will be able to enter the property without an official key card to ensure the safety of residents and tourists. The security plan includes armed officers, plain-clothes guards, snipers, and more. In addition to residential and commercial development, the share profit also consist of other ventures by FABRIQ LLC. Phase 1 and 2 of the #cafe_now movement, FABRIQ LLC is financing 280 radio cafes and a social banking app.

An Atlanta-based non-profit, QEB FOUNDATION began developing the first radio-themed cafe in Doraville, GA last May after raising $5600 on TikTok. From food service to community service, revenue supports organizations like Atlanta Children's Shelter (ACS) and Ora Lee Cancer Research Foundation. A WQEB 97.3 radio cafe is one of the many perks visitors will enjoy along with farming, fishing, trail riding, walking, hunting and meditating in CAFE CITY.

In the first year of operation, keyholders can tour the natural landscape of CAFE CITY, while QEB FOUNDATION completes the $33 million #cafe_now campaign. Funding covers the 280 radio cafes, social banking app, and development of CAFE CITY. The resort infrastructure will feature homes, apartments, villas, hotels, movie theater, complex arena and more with a farm backdrop.

"African Americans have the highest rate of homelessness, unemployment, and poverty in the U.S. Now add, regardless of race, food insecurity is so bad other countries are running ads to feed America's children. The whole country is 'ghetto' at this point. Politicians prioritize their own pockets and foreign interests over the people. We decided enough was enough and created a paradise for all 'broke bougie' Americans," says Queen Brown de Thiam, founder of QEB FOUNDATION.

QEB FOUNDATION mission is to increase literacy in Education, Finance, and Technology. The foundation believes individuals are destined to repeat their current socio-economic status without the proper tools to change their family tree. Therefore, FABRIQ LLC was created to provide the resources needed to transform a generation… like CAFE CITY.

Get involved today!

Text "CAFENOW" to 71777


Text "CAFENOWKIDS" to 44-321
Text "ORA375" to 71777



QEB 470.399.7973
[email protected]

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