ATLANTA, March 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Today The Wall Street Journal published another accusatory article about my client, Steve Wynn, which accusations are being repeated and embellished by other members of the media.

Like many wealthy, high profile celebrities, Mr. Wynn wears a target on his back.  Salacious and sensational reporting about him sells papers, increases ratings, gets Internet «clicks,» and stirs visions of dollar marks in the minds of some lawyers. 

As a result, Mr. Wynn is confronted with the dilemma every individual faces when subjected to a media trial.  If he elects to refrain from commenting on accusations made against him, his silence may be misinterpreted as an admission of guilt.  On the other hand, if he defends himself in the media, a cadre of lawyers anxious to sue a wealthy, high profile individual will seek to use his statements to pursue lawsuits that were time barred years ago.  Mr. Wynn has elected not to take the bait and has declined to participate in the Journal’s ongoing efforts to draw him into an unfair media trial – a forum which does not provide him with even the most basic safeguards of our legal system of justice, safeguards designed to fairly and objectively seek truth based on credible evidence and sworn testimony.  With the explosion of the Internet and a steady supply of 24/7 television «talking heads,» the media has increasingly abused its role in using the court of public opinion to improperly assume the role of a prosecutor declaring that individuals are «guilty by accusation.»  In this atmosphere, profits and ratings are the goals and the discovery of the truth becomes irrelevant.  This approach turns our system of justice on its head and puts every citizen’s reputation at risk.

Mr. Wynn thanks the fair-minded individuals who respect our system of justice and have refused to rush to judgment before all of the facts are developed and objectively, accurately, and fairly reported.  Mr. Wynn also deeply and sincerely appreciates the multitude of friends, former employees, and colleagues who have been steadfast and outspoken in their support of him during these difficult times.


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SOURCE L. Lin Wood