ATLANTA, March 10, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — The Skoozi App, a mobile application connecting fans and celebrities, continues to have an impact on the mobile media marketplace. Well-known actor Romany Malco is utilizing the Skoozi platform to find talent for his new movie, «Prison Logic.» 

Mr. Malco has created a role specifically for people who respond on Skoozi and is encouraging fans and aspiring actors and actresses to send requests via Skoozi describing a hardship they’ve endured in their lives. He’ll review and respond with a personal video message and choose two compelling stories. Skoozi will fly the winners to Los Angeles for the shoot. The deadline for submittal is March 18th and the price for submitting is $30. Romany’s portion of the proceeds will be applied to filming the movie.

How to enter:  Download the Skoozi app on your iPhone or iPad, locate Romany Malco, and request a Personal Video Message. Type and/or use the audio feature to tell your story. He’ll respond with a video message. Winners will be contacted directly through the Skoozi App.

«As much as I’ve been a champion of technology, I jumped at the chance to use Skoozi’s platform to give folks the opportunity to appear in my new movie,» said Mr. Malco. «It allows me to audition more people, and gives many the chance to interact with me who wouldn’t otherwise be able to. Everyone is loving it!»

Lee Davis, CEO of Skoozi, said, «When we met with Romany, he was so passionate about this project because it allows him to interact with his fans in a unique and special way. It’s a great example of the versatility of our platform and we’re happy to support Romany’s efforts and help find two new rising Stars!»

About Skoozi App: Skoozi is a cause driven company that has created the premier platform where fans and celebrities connect. Download the app on your iPhone or iPad, choose your favorite celebrity, and have an amazing experience by purchasing a personalized video message or a one-on-one live chat! You can also purchase Audio Shout-outs from your favorite Stars.

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